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DeCoito's Habanero Chipotle Hot Sauce


Wonderful new addition to the DeCoito family of hot sauces.  Our original hot habanero sauce with the added smokiness of chipotle peppers for a delicious new flavour to add to your favourite meats and dishes.

​DeCoito’s Habanero Hot Sauce
A hot sauce that delivers the delicious combination of the heat of habanero and taste of red chile pepper to give that distinct hint of smokiness and unique flavour of DeCoito's sauce which is hard to beat. This sauce is for the extreme hot lovers and adds a fantastic flavour to any bbq sauce.

DeCoito’s Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce
Our Scotch Bonnet sauce is another of our delightfuly delicious tasting sauces. The scotch bonnet pepper is a flavourful pepper which delivers the heat, (although not quite as hot as its cousin the habanero) but it does represent itself. This pepper is widely used in all tropical dishes and is widely known throughout the world for its heat and flavour. Our Scotch Bonnet hot sauce is recommended to be used in any food dishes that needs that extra oomph

DeCoito’s Wiri Wiri Hot Sauce
The pepper sauce that started it all ~ the family recipe from Guyana with the little cherry pepper with all the flavour of your taste bud’s desires and the heat to boot. This pepper is now being grown in El Salvador by DeCoito’s and imported to Canada to make our tasty wiri wiri hot sauce. The pepper is imported fresh to Canada within a day of being picked to ensure our pepper does not lose its taste and heat by refrigeration, which gives DeCoito’s wiri wiri sauce its unparalled ability to stand alone among hot sauces.

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