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DeCoito sauces started out being a family recipe, a uniquely piquant blend of eastern and western flavours mixed together to create a hot sauce that has become a favourite  recipe that immigrated with the family from Guyana to North America.

Over the years our pepper sauce became a phenomena with friends and family so we decided to share this unique taste of hot sauces with the rest of the world. We have now bottled our sauce and are bringing it to market where everyone can enjoy the delicious taste.

All our sauces are made with fresh ingredients our habaneros are imported from Mexico, the scotch bonnets imported from Jamaica or Dominican Republic and our special wiri wiri peppers grown in Guyana and imported by us!

Our products are now being found in different locations within Ontario, Canada and Sousa, Dominican Republic.  

About us

Devilishly Delightful

Molly Hilton of the DeCoito family

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